What is "Super-Curricular"?
What is "Super-Curricular"?
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The most successful undergraduate applicants to Oxbridge, G5, Russell Group and other selectively competitive universities will have explored and displayed a real passion for their chosen subject through wider reading outside the classroom. This builds on the excellent results already at GCSE.

This style of independent research is called ‘Super-curricular’. It enhances and goes beyond the subject based work which a student does in the classroom. However, not all schools provide, or are able to support, this hugely valuable ‘Super-curricular’ extension activity.

Education Advisers Ltd offer a bespoke ‘Super-curricular’ programme of study, expertly tutored using the most demanding of resources. Whilst these resources are not ‘required reading’, they provide a start point for an aspirational student to actively start exploring their own interests independently.

We also tutor students how to read critically – to think carefully about the authors arguments, assumptions, and evidence.

But Education Advisers Ltd would also encourage you to broaden your cultural understanding of the world we live in by visiting museums, galleries, and historic sites; and to reflect on nature, technology, and the man-made environment around us. And we would also encourage you to seek out exiting work experience to give you real life experience in the world of work.

The great thing about ‘Super-curricular’ is that it follows your personal line of enquiry, and you can focus on the things that most interest you. Whilst there are no exams or assessments, ‘Super-curricular’ provides outstanding content for a student’s UCAS personal statement and excellent material to discuss at interview.

‘Super-curricular’ It will help students to explore their subject beyond the classroom. It will also allow them to discover if their chosen subject(s) will result in undergraduate study at university.

Please fill in our enquiry form or contact Steven, our Senior Educational Consultant, at steven@educationadvisers.co.uk / +44(0)1622 813870 to discuss how Education Advisers Ltd can support your pathway to university.

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