How do I apply to Medical, Dental or Veterinary Courses?
How do I apply to Medical, Dental or Veterinary Courses?
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How to get into Medical or Dental or Veterinary Universities?

There is a huge demand for Medical Schools, Dentistry Schools, and Veterinary Colleges. Less than half of applicants succeed with their first-choice university. Minimum grades of AAA at A Level or 36 points at the IB Diploma Programme are almost mandatory to get to the first screening stage. Then there are a range of additional requirements like additional tests, work experience, exceptional personal statements and references to get as far as the mandatory and deciding interview.

Some schools have great success in training medical school applicants, but this is the one subject area where it really does make a huge difference to be well prepared with support and advice from our experts at Education Advisers Ltd. It is such a complex subject that we have written a 40 page booklet which we strongly advise you to download by clicking here

These are just a few of the topics covered in depth:-

How do you get into medicine or dentistry or veterinary science?

Many young people aspire to a career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science. You always need a degree level specialist qualification whatever country you are in. Degree course applications are incredibly competitive whether you are in the UK, the USA or any other country. The degree course typically takes between 5 to 7 years – download our eguide

Are there alternatives if I you do not make the grades for medical school?

You can consider alternative degree courses on pharmacy, nursing, biological sciences, microbiology, genetics, optometry, sports science, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractics or radiography – but they are demanding as well.

What are the entry requirements for medical school?

You start with minimum academic grades of at least AAA or 36 points at IBDP. It is often compulsory to have chemistry plus another science. The academic minimums are listed in our downloadable eguide.

Universities expect some work experience in a related field, preferably which demonstrates your commitment to caring for people’s health. Following a doctor round on his hospital ward round is not likely to impress – read our eguide for examples

An exceptional personal statement is really important. It should emphasise why you want to be a doctor and also give examples of lessons learned from your work experience – more detail in our eguide

UK universities require you to pass either the UKAT or BMAT tests - more explanation in our downloadable eguide

Provided you make the first cut, the most important deciding factor is the interview. Expect to be grilled on what you wrote in your Personal Statement. We list a number of typical questions in our downloadable eguide

We cannot stress how important it is to be prepped for each of these stages. Ask us first!

Are entry requirements different for dentistry or veterinary college?

The basic methodology is very similar. There are far fewer dentistry and vet schools – so success rates are often just as competitive. The entry tests are usually skewed much mor towards UKAT than BMAT. Obviously work experience needs to be more relevant. Our downloadable eguide lists all the dentistry schools, their qualifications, and their recent acceptance rates.

Can I prepare for BMAT and UKAT tests?

Many larger senior schools will help you to prepare for these tests. However, if they have less than 10 students applying, you may be best looking outside for independent tutoring.

How do I choose which medical schools to apply for?

There are many factors:-

  1. Grades required
  2. Teaching methodology – integrated, traditional, problem based
  3. Admission acceptance rates
  4. Tests – UKAT or BMAT
  5. Location
  6. Type
  7. Costs
  8. Ranking

These are all discussed in our downloadable eguide – click here 

Please contact Steven, our Senior Educational Consultant, at / +44(0)1622 813870 to discuss how Education Advisers Ltd can support your pathway to university.



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