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Welcome to from Education Advisers Limited. We have devised this website to provide a wealth of practical information on university degrees for students, their parents and teachers. On this web site you will find information about how to apply successfully to the very best universities in the UK and the USA for full time degree courses. The website is divided into 6 sections:-

  1. The application process
  2. Types of degree
  3. Advice
  4. Specialist degrees
  5. Services for schools
  6. About us

Education Advisers Limited are an established advice consultancy for everything to do with education and the Higher Education team has for many years helped students to apply successfully for the courses and universities of their choice. The universities of the UK are among the best in the world, and we concentrate in helping students get into the very best of these, as well as the best specialist universities including medical schools.

These universities are of course highly selective and applicants for admission greatly outnumber the places available. Making a successful application requires much more than good luck. It needs careful planning, realistic course and university selection, strong school grades as well as ability, for certain courses, to cope with psychometric tests, rigorous interview sessions and a UCAS form that ticks all the boxes.

For those who want to apply to universities in the USA there are over 600 to choose from and it is vital that students make the right choices. For the top universities, including ’the Ivy League’, entry requirements are every bit as demanding as those for Oxford and Cambridge and a good result in the Standard Aptitude Test (SAT) is essential.

Education Advisers has consultants who have a wealth of experience in advising and assisting students with their UK and US university applications and who provide an expert bespoke service that is tailored to the needs of each individual. We offer a bespoke service that gives students the necessary support and expertise they require at this vital stage in their educational career. So let us help you succeed.

Please contact us at / +44(0)1622 813870 to discuss how Education Advisers Ltd can support your pathway to university.


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