How do I apply for an Art Degree?
How do I apply for an Art Degree?
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Getting into Art School

Within A Level Art and Design there are a range of separate subject options (known within the specifications as ”endorsements” ) offered by the main examination boards. These include Fine Art, Art, Craft and Design, Graphic Communication, Three-dimensional Design, Photography (Lens and Light-based media), Textile Design and Critical and Contextual Studies.

If you are looking for a degree level qualification in Art, you will find a range of Art Schools and mainstream universities offering qualifications based on similar criteria. There are specific Art Schools and these include the London University of the Arts which covers seven separate campuses including Central St Martins, Chelsea College of Art, London College of Fashion and the Wimbledon College of Art. Additionally there is the University of the Creative Arts with  four campuses. Then there are mainstream universities with Art Faculties such as Goldsmiths and Kingston in London.

Admission to Art School is often quite different to mainstream universities. They may not require high grades in Art A Level but all will require a portfolio of your work to impress them with your creativity and commitment. For this reason many of these Art Schools will require you to do a one year Foundation Programme including the building of your portfolio. That FP could be done at some Art Schools or in sixth form colleges which offer Art FPs. This is explained in our eGuide – Getting into Art School – Click here to download

It is possible to get into some universities without the FP or the portfolio, but you ideally need that portfolio done in your school sixth form years or if not do an FP.

Questions you need to ask when choosing an Art School.

  • What exactly do I want to study?
  • Is there a particular discipline that I want to focus on?
  • What does this institution specialise in?
  • What is the staff/student ratio?
  • What are the facilities like?
  • How will I be assessed?
  • What is the location like? Do I want to live and study in a big city or would I prefer to be in a small town?
  • What accommodation is provided and how far is it from the University?
  • Do I want to be part of a bigger University or would I prefer to study at a specialist Art School?
  • How competitive is entry to my chosen course?
  • Is the course flexible enough to allow me to pursue new interests?

Our eguide also has Top Ten Tips on building a portfolio - Click here to download

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