July 2022: Why choose Super-Curricular activities?

Top universities have been privileged to select their undergraduate students from strong cohorts of high achieving applicants. This ensures that they get the best candidates into their courses, year on year.

However, the recent Covid 19 grade inflation issues (caused by Teacher Assessed Grades in 2020, Centre Assessed Grades in 2021 and reduced examination courses in 2022) have made it very difficult for top candidates to really stand out.

So, the UK government has instructed that grade will be modelled and reduced to 2019 profile over the next few years, but universities will retain the extra measures put in place to actively identify the best candidates.

Therefore, the UCAS Personal Statement and an excellent performance at interview remain the key to individual success. But engaging with Super-Curricular activities, which demonstrate a real passion for their chosen undergraduate studies, will allow a candidate to really stand out from other applicants.

Importantly, “Super-Curricular” should not be confused with “Extra-Curricular”, which allows participation in sports, music, drama, clubs and other activities. Whilst these develop great personal qualities (such as teamwork, leadership, time management and volunteering), top universities expect “Super-Curricular”, which displays high level academic curiosity and commitment.

UK schools do sign post Super-Curricular resources, and these can be found online. Students are encouraged to engage with and record their participation, but generally no monitoring or guidance is given. And many school do not possess the expert staff with available time to deliver this additional academic diet.

However, at Education Advisers, we have worked with our partners to develop a focused package of Super-Curricular expert led courses which will take you to the next level and give direction to your subject specialism.

We also have a range of high level, subject specific summers schools which are designed to grow your Super-Curricular capabilities.

So, help your son or daughter go that extra mile to stand out from the crowd and empower them to demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment to their chosen undergraduate subject. Our Super-Curricular programmes are specially designed to show their real passion for the subject they are planning to study at university.

What Can Education Advisers Provide?

Education Advisers Ltd has a multitude of written and video resources which are free to view or download. We also have a university consultant with 35+ years experience, who heads up our university advice service and can provide comprehensive bespoke packages, or one-off services as required.

Please contact Steven, our Senior Educational Consultant, at steven@educationadvisers.co.uk / +44(0)1622 813870 to discuss how Education Advisers Ltd can support your pathway to university.